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Tsurumi Pumps

CESSCO Inc is a proud Authorized Tsurumi Dealer. They specialize in high-quality pumps and dewatering systems; and we carry the entire Tsurumi line. If you don't see what you need here, give is a call at 800-882-4959 and we'll help you find the perfect pumping solution. 

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This top discharge pump provides excellent dry-run operation in a slimline design. The Tsurumi LB-480 is small but powerful and is manufactured with durable materials and features impeccable engineering. Free shipping to the contiguous 48 states.
One of our most popular submersible pumps. The impeccable craftsmanship of the Tsurumi LB-800 Slimline pumps is super-durable and built with exacting specifications. The durable top discharge configuration provides excellent motor cooling efficiency.
If you're looking for high-capacity submersible construction pumps that can handle the most challenging conditions, then the NK-series from Tsurumi is for you. This NK2-15 3" manual pump can handle abrasive materials and mineral water. Perfect for mining.
The Tsurumi NK3-22L 3-inch manual submersible pump is made for the most challenging conditions. This pump can move the gnarliest of water up 220 gal/min and 60 feet of head. It's super durable construction guarantees a long service life.
The Tsurumi VANCS series pumps are great workhorses for waterscapes and sump pump applications. It's 1/3 HP output pumps water up to 60 gal/min. Built with corrosion resistant materials, the Tsurumi PN2.25s will provide many years of service.
Similar to the 50PN2.25S VANCS pump, the 50PN2.4S features a bit more potency at 1/2 horsepower. A great option for waterscapes and commercial/residential sump applications. Legendary Tsurumi build and design provides many years of faithful service.
The Tsurumi 50PN2.75s VANCS pumps delivers a sizable 1-HP of water moving power. Designed for residential and commercial sump applications, the 50PN2.75s delivers up to 90 gal/min and a maximum head of 55 feet. Free shipping to the contiguous 48 states.
Don't let its diminutive size fool you, this 1/5 HP submersible pump moves up to 45 gal/min. Perfect for residential sump pumps applications and water features. With 1-3/8" solids handling and durable construction, the VANCS 50PU2.15s is a workhorse.
The Tsurumi 50PU2.25S 1/3rd HP single-phase pump features a 2-inch discharge and can handle solids up to 1.38-inch in diameter. Perfect for residential sump pumps applications and water features. Precision construction for years of long service life.
Yet another stellar offering from Tsurumi: the 50PU2.4s 1/2-HP submersible pump. With the ability to handle solids up to 1.38-inch, this pump moves up to 70 gal.min at a generous vertical head. Powerful vortex impeller and reliable design.
Perfect for residential applications, the 1/5 HP 50PUA2.15S 2-inch auto submersible pump has an automatic start and stop feature. 1-3/8" solids handling and pumps 45 gal/min. Tough, durable construction. Free shipping to the contiguous 48 states.
With 1/3 HP and a 2" discharge, this Tsurumi submersible pumps up to 50 gal/min. Featuring a generous 1.38" solids handling capacity, this is a great pump option for sewage handling or ponds and waterfalls. Free ground shipping to the lower 48 states.
Showingof 30 item(s)