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Featuring the reliable Honda GX160T2 engine, the TPG4-3000HDX is a great choice if you're in the market for a basic backup generator. 2200 watts output -- 23.3 amps @ 120V. The 4.2 gallon tank provides up to 12 hours of run time. Free ground shipping.
When you need maximum pumping power, but require a smaller sized submersible, the 50PNA 2.75S with the 1-HP of power is for you. Its FRP and stainless steel construction guarantees years of trouble-free service. Free shipping to the contiguous 48 states.
Not always pronounced correctly, but always a fantastic choice, Tsurumi is a top-quality pump manufacturer. With features like  up to 80 gal/min capacity and  over 40 feet of head, the 50PUA2.4S will easily cover your wastewater pumping needs.  
Rest assured you made a great choice when you opt for a Tsurumi submersible pump. The 50PNA2.25S features a 32-foot sealed power cable, high-efficiency copper-wound motor and super quite operation. Free shipping to the contiguous 48 states.
Get your mucky water moving with this impressive 50PUA2.75S sumbersible pump with auto shut-off feature. This pump will provide years of faithful service with its quality construction and legendary Tsurumi engineering. Free shipping to the lower 48.
The Tsurumi 50PUA2.4S VANCS 1/2 HP is made for solids handling up to 1.38-inch. Passes solids and stringy materials via semi-vortex impeller. With the addition of the auto float switch, this unit is a fantastic sump pump. Up to 70 gal/min. 
With 1/3 HP and a 2" discharge, this Tsurumi submersible pumps up to 50 gal/min. Featuring a generous 1.38" solids handling capacity, this is a great pump option for sewage handling or ponds and waterfalls. Free ground shipping to the lower 48 states.
Perfect for residential applications, the 1/5 HP 50PUA2.15S 2-inch auto submersible pump has an automatic start and stop feature. 1-3/8" solids handling and pumps 45 gal/min. Tough, durable construction. Free shipping to the contiguous 48 states.
The most powerful in the Tsurumi PU sump pump line, the 50PU2.75S pumps up to 90 gal/min. The 2-inch discharge and generous vertical head makes it a fantastic option for residential and commercial applications. Free ground shipping to the contiguous 48.
Yet another stellar offering from Tsurumi: the 50PU2.4s 1/2-HP submersible pump. With the ability to handle solids up to 1.38-inch, this pump moves up to 70 gal.min at a generous vertical head. Powerful vortex impeller and reliable design.
The Tsurumi 50PU2.25S 1/3rd HP single-phase pump features a 2-inch discharge and can handle solids up to 1.38-inch in diameter. Perfect for residential sump pumps applications and water features. Precision construction for years of long service life.
Showingof 325 item(s)