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Cut up to fifteen inches deep with the powerful ICS 890F4 hydraulic. Uses .444" Pitch bars and chains. All ICS Saws are Wet Cutting Systems - minimum 2gpm @ 20psi. 6.0 HP hydraulic motor. Includes: Power Head, Guide Bar, TWO Chains, Free Ground Freight
WEIGHT: 15 LBS. w/ 13" bar & chain
BAR LENGTH: 13-inches (32 cm)
POWERHEAD DIMENSIONS : 36.3 cm (14.3") L x 29cm (11.3") H x 23.4cm (9.2") W
TORQUE: 84 Inch-lbs
MOTOR SPEED: 8800 rpm
HYDRAULIC SUPPLY: 8GPM (30 lpm) @ 2500 PSI
NOISE LEVEL : 88 dB @ 3 ft (1 m)
VIBRATION LEVEL: 3.5 meters/second2 (front handle)
WATER SUPPLY: Minimum 20 psi (1.5 bar)
Article number: IPH-566127
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All saw packages includes FREE GROUND FREIGHT!

ICS 890F4 8GPM/1-ft. whips 15-Inch concrete saw package includes:

  • (1) Each P/N 566110 890F4 8 GPM/1-ft. whips Power Head
  • (2) Each P/N 525342 Force4 Standard Chain
  • (1) Each P/N 635700 Force4 15-inch Guide Bar

Powerful and versatile, this saw takes care of the toughest concrete cutting jobs with ease.



  • Comfortable redesigned rear handle
  • Operates Force4.444-pitch chains
  • Up to 25-inch cutting depth
  • Powerful 8 GPM six horsepower hydraulic motor
  • Three bubble levels for accurate horizontal and vertical cutting

ICS 890F4
Data Sheet

Cutting Tips
ICS 890F4
Owner's Manual

Chain Tensioning
Tip Sheet

Cutting Tips
Cutting Tips

890F4 Safety Notifications

READ THE Safety NOTICES from the ICS 890F4 Operation Manual, before operating this equipment. It is each end user's responsibility to utilize the Manufacturer's published information for current changes.

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