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FORCE3 Brick 32 Chain P/N 584299

14 Inch FORCE3 Brick Chain (16 Inch on RockBoss saws)
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Pitch: 3/8"
Abrasive, Brick /Block : ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ - Best
<= 3000PSI Concrete: Not Recommended
<= 6000 PSI Concrete: Not Recommended
<= 8000 PSI Concrete: Not Recommended
Reinforcement: Not Recommended
Freight: Free Ground Freight
Article number: IC14-584299
Availability: Out of stock

FORCE3 Chains: 3/8" Pitch

ICS makes chains for a multitude of saws and applications:

  • Standard - Best chain to cut light to medium aggregates with light rebar. General purpose chain, residential grade to light commercial grade concrete.
  • Premium - Best chain to cut harder aggregates and heavier rebar. Optimized for cutting difficult materials and tough jobs - CUT FASTER!
  • Brick - Best for cutting brick and block. Optimized for cutting abrasive materials such as soft brick and cinder block.

Guide to FORCE3 Chains - pdf

FORCE3 Guide Bar Reference - pdf

(CP) COMBO PACKS Save you Money!
Bundle two chains with a FREE guide bar and FREE Sprocket
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