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This decorative joint cutting saw provides radius and beveled cuts in multiple widths and profile dimensions. The Husqvarna X150D's low vibration technology allows precise, even cutting. Please note: the X150 and X150D are not interchangeable.
Among a myriad of amazing features, the Husqvarna K 970 ring saw provides a 10.6-inch cutting depth and 6.5hp gas motor. The K 970 ring saw easily cuts block, curbs, pavers, cast concrete, and pipe with ease. CESSCO is an Authorized Husqvarna dealer.
This powerful electric cut-off saw is perfect for indoor jobs where emission mitigation is a premium. The K4000 uses a minimum of water plus can bu used as a dry cutting saw withvacuum attachement. Free shipping to the lower 48 states.
CESSCO is all about options; this K 2500 16-inch hydraulic power cutter from Husqvarna is a great option for indoor cutting where clean air and reduced noise levels are at a premium. Cut up to 6-inches deep with this powerful and durable saw.
This powerful Husqvarna flat saw is a great addition to the massive lineup of CESSCO concrete cutting options. Featuring a 20hp gas-powered motor and up-to 7.7-inch cutting depth, the FS 520 is perfect for smaller municipal jobs.
The Husqvarna FS400LV ids the perfect slab saw for smaller cutting jobs. And as a certified Husqvarna Dealer, you know you'll get a great deal from CESSCO! Cuts up to 7.5-inches deep and 11.7 hp as motor. Low vibration design
Some jobs require exceptional power. The K 1270 is a powerhouse saw with 5,8 kW output, turning your heaviest cutting into a fast and effective operation. CESSCO is a proud authorized dealer of Husqvarna products. Free shipping to most lower 48 states.
This early-entry saw from Husqvarna is light, yet powerful. The Soff-Cut X150 is perfect for residential and light industrial applications. Soff-Cut technology allows you to cut expansion joints within a couple hours of finishing. Includes free shipping.
Husqvarna Cut-N-Break saws are a great alternative to cut-off saws for cutting walls and CESSCO Inc has them in stock. The ingenious design allows you to cut up to 16-inches deep! Powerful 5hp motor and only 21.2 pounds.
This K970 16-inch power cutter from Husqvarna is perfect for cutting concrete or ductile iron. Featuring a 6.5hp motor and 6-inch cutting depth, the K970 is sturdy and reliable. Find all kinds of saws and blades at CESSCO! Free shipping to the lower 48.
CESSCO is proud to be an authorized Husqvarna dealer and we carry a full assortment of exceptional concrete cutting tools. The K 970 14-inch power cutter is no exception. Featuring a 6.5hp motor, 5-inch cutting depth, and easy start technology.
Get a whopping 10.6-inch cutting depth with this Husqvarna K3600 MKII hydraulic ring saw. Weighing in at a scant 18.3 pounds, this saw is a great option for indoor projects where minimizing exhaust fumes is a priority. A CESSCO top seller!
Showingof 16 item(s)